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Thursday, 12 April 2012 | 05:42 | 0 Sweet Cupcake

I sat here to hear anything what you said about me. Just curse me with the awesome word that you want. Yes, I am not eligible to be regarded as a loyal girl in this world. Because it's not for me whose the BEST player in front you!

I like to see you on that way, just judge me without think the others feel. Some people care TOO MUCHand I think it's called LOVE.However, no one can understand me better than myself. :) 

Who are you in this silent world? We never know deeply before. Just go away if I am not your taste, because I never will change to someone that you want. I love my life, pleaseee be honest to others. One I said I'm NOT, I meant it and don't ever you come to make me like a fool girl.

Inspire on me? Nooo, don't make a laugh. Because when you came home, you'd always have some sorry excuse. Half explaining to me like I'm just some KINDA fool. Night after night knowing something goin on, wasn't long before I be gone.

Lord knows it wasn't easy believe me, never thought you'd be the one that would deceive me. And never do what you're supposed to do. No need to approach me fool, cause I'm over you.

Sincerely from bottom of my heart. :')