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Friendship Poem :)
Sunday, 24 March 2013 | 01:05 | 0 Sweet Cupcake

Hey, I just wanna dedicated this poem to all my best friends. I love you guys very much!!

Friends Are Forever :)

You all are the reason why I want to go to school every day .
Cause all of you always cheer me up , and help me to get through everything .
Someday , it is going to be funny ,
when we think back on everything that we’ve been through together ,
The times when we play “ truth or dare ”
The times when we hanging out together ,
watching movies, singing and playing guitar .
And now everything is going to be left as memories .
Memories that we should bear in our minds .

You all mean the world to me .
I love all of you in different reasons ,
Each of you is special in your own way .
I would do anything for you all .
Anything !
Even though I have to walk through the dessert or across the sea .
Just to make all of you happy .
When you all are happy, I would be two times happy then .

Thanks for always be the stars ,
that light up my world when I am in the dark .
Thanks for always be there for me by hook or crook .
You guys always helping me when I am in need .
Especially when I am weak, depressed  and I have no one to talk too .
Thanks for giving me strength to live in this cruel world .
Thanks for everything .

Every beginning must have the ending .
Things change, friends will also change .
That’s life and we can’t do nothing about it .
But it does not mean that were going to forget or lose each other .
We will always be together forever and never be apart .
Maybe we are in distance but not in hearts .
I can guarantee nothing can break us apart .
Our friendship will always remain true and the same .